We strive to provide the best representation for our clients. Below are testimonials from some of our past and current clients:


I am a torture survivor applying for political asylum from Ethiopia. I came to know Ms. Lindsey Wilkes when she was assigned as my immigration lawyer by TASSC International to help me with my case. I found Ms. Lindsey Wilkes to be compassionate, diligent and detail oriented when she carries on her legal procedures. I highly recommend her as an immigration lawyer and take this opportunity to thank her and wish her best of luck in her future endeavors.“– Tesfaye Habtemariam Woldetsadik


I am a political asylee and during my asylum process I received a very useful help from Varsha Kayi that led to the approval of my asylum application. I must thank her for all the hard work, advice and council provided to me over that last year. It was rewarding to have advocates on my side like Varsha who understood the issues, and fought to make things right. I enjoyed working with her. I wanted to personally thank her for her excellent work and the professional manner in which she handled this case.”  —Samuel A.


“Lindsey is one of the best immigration lawyers and it is our pleasure to have worked with her. I sincerely thank you for all the help you provided to my wife and me during our stay with regard to the immigration matters. My emails/calls were answered very promptly and never would have to wait for a response or for an advice and I am very much thankful to you both for that. I should admit you have a lot of patience in answering my countless questions and I really appreciate that.” — Oli Tamrat


I am very much pleased to work with Varsha Kayi who is handling my court case of asylum here in the U.S.A. Varsha is a devoted person to help immigrants…Varsha believes in individuals freedom liberty and democracy and so she stands firm to help the refugees coming from all over the world who are leaving their homelands, their homes, wife, and children behind because of torture, lack of freedom, injustice and sky rocketing corruption in their own native countries.” —A.B.


I am asylum seeker in United States of America. Ms. Lindsey assists, advises and treats me truly psychologically as well as morally. She is my strong attorney and continuously edited my case seriously spending a lot of time to give it more attention. All of my friends who work with her like and appreciate her strength. She is working firmly with the customers and giving an appointment properly to discuss the problems and give feedback on her side according to law. Ms. Lindsey is having a lot of unmatched knowledge to assist the customers in the asylum cases and court.”   –-Mulugeta Tesfahun Wubetu


“I am very much delighted by the services I got from Attorney Lindsey Wilkes concerning my immigration case. She handled my case smoothly and turned it to a good product. She is a hard worker, highly skilled professional, detailed, with remarkable knowledge and tremendous mentoring skills. She is willing to help anytime and very punctual in addressing my concerns and questions through e-mail or phone. She is friendly and very much concerned about my family as well and always finds a way to make me feel better in the hectic times. I strongly recommend Lindsey to anyone looking for a great immigration attorney as she is the best in providing high quality legal advice and representation. Once again, I am very much grateful to you for everything you have done to help me with my case. — D. B.